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Competence Management and Assurance System

Competency or Competence Management and Assurance
TECHNO-TRAINING can help you to build a competence assurance programme specific to your requirements. We first do a task analysis and then develop a roadmap for each designated job function based on procedural and non-procedural competencies. 

The Competence Management and Assurance Programme standardises the necessary competencies required for an individual to complete a specific role within your organization. The Competence Management and  Assurance Programme will provide you with a the framework for design and implementation of your organization’s training and development programme.
Student Placement Services

Student Placement Services

TECHNO-TRAINING has a solid experience in international student placement services.

We can help your Company to:

  • find information on best possible courses and institutions
  • search the course database
  • meet institution representatives at our education events
  • discuss institutions and locations that would suit you
  • compare courses and decide which to apply for
  • complete course application
  • transfer fee payments to education institutions
  • assist you with the visa process
  • organise an IELTS/TOEFL preparation and assessment
  • explain to you about life in the country of relocation
  • prepare everything for your scholars trip and their new life

Learning Management System Development, Delivery and Deployment

Learning Management System
TECHNO-TRAINING has a structured approach to Learning Management Systems (LMS). We will guide you through all stages of “Selection and Evaluation” and “Implementation” of your LMS.

  • The LMS evaluation and selection process will involve five major steps: needs analysis, requirements definition, product vetting, product evaluation, and product selection.
  • The LMS implementation process will have following steps: planning, LMS configuration, systems integration, course and data migration, user acceptance testing, and go live.

Implementation of Education & CSR Projects

Corporate Social Responsiblity
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained significant momentum in recent years. The push is on to identify projects that reflect the Company's sense of social responsibility and to tailor projects to reflect that sense. This is
perhaps a step in the right direction when it comes to the corporation's position in the host community, but is extremely difficult and complex in its implementation.

TECHNO-TRAINING can support your business by taking care of your CSR projects in developing local communities capabilities by arranging training for local population or upgrading local facilities of training, educational and research

We have an international experience of implementation of such projects in different countries across the world and will be happy to assist you.