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"A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world."

John le Carré

"It's not about money. It's about the people you have, and how you're led."

Steve Jobs


Management & Leadership Development Programmes

Are these programmes for you?
Managing involves the planning, organisation, co-ordination and implementation of strategies, programmes, tactics and policies in respect of people, resources, information, operations and finance.
Management development interventions may therefore cover any or all of these areas, depending on the level and nature of the management role as well as other factors such as the stage of the individual’s career.
Techno-Training can help your organisation to establish a structured process of Management Development by which managers can enhance their skills, competencies and/or knowledge, via formal or informal learning for the benefit of both managers and your Company's performance.

Wherever people and resources are employed, managers who pass through our training programmes can ensure that they are employed effectively. Our training programmes are designed to improve their performance in the organisation through strong focus on their specific job role. These highly practical programmes can generate significant payback for your Company in terms of cost savings and quality improvements in your workplace.
How our programmes can help you?
Development of managers will help your Company to sustain their performance at the highest levels possible is a particularly crucial element of wider organisational learning strategies.
New managers have unique needs. They are making a critical transition into a position of greater responsibility and this change requires developing a number of competencies quickly. Designing a new manager training program requires a clear understanding of the skills participants will need to succeed in their new.

Techno-Training can help you with designing your corporate Management Development Programme for achieving the right learning outcomes for your new manager training programme, including those for effective coaching, training program roll-out, and training evaluation.
We also can help you to determine the right content and methods for your programme. We can also provide you a team of qualified leadership trainers/instructors and coaches for implementation of your in-house management training programme.
1. Managing Self
2. Managing People
3. Managing Information
4. Managing Activities
5. Managing Resources

  5 Development Areas cover key functions of any manager:



Coordinating - Staffing

Creating a structure through which an organization's goals can be accomplished.
Deciding what needs to happen in the future and generating plans for action (deciding in advance).
Making sure the human and nonhuman resources are put into place

Commanding - Leading   


Checking progress against plans.
Determining what must be done in a situation and getting people to do it.
Action learning principles   

   ​Our training methodology is focused on Action learning during each stage of the training programme. This will be achieved through combination of various training methods (work-based assignments, one to one coaching, group discussions, training etc.) that will guarantee a

"I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand." 


  Standard programme overview

Our Management Development Programme is comprehensive and covers the full range of responsibilities that a line manager may encounter.
It will take a minimum 160 guided learning hours to complete the Management Development Programme including induction and tutorial support plus assessment time structured as follows:

  • Managing Self - 15 guided learning hours
  • Managing People - 45 guided learning hours
  • Managing Information - 30 guided learning hours
  • Managing Activities - 30 guided learning hours
  • Managing Resources - 30 guided learning hours
The programme consists of a number of core (mandatory) sessions plus a number of optional sessions that are chosen from the full range, to give flexibility to meet individual’s needs.