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Emotional Intelligence and Personal Influence

Location: Tours, France

Dates:  27 November - 01 Diciembre, 2017

Course fee: 2600€ + VAT

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Programme Overview
This Emotional Intelligence and Personal Influence five days course combines two courses in one. On the first part of the course you will focus on the five core competencies of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and interpersonal skills. Participants will learn to develop and implement these to enhance their relationships in work and life by increasing their understanding of social and emotional behaviours, and learning how to adapt and manage their responses to particular situations. Various models of emotional intelligence will be covered.

On the second part of the course you will learn more about Personal Impact and Influence and you will be provided with the tools and processes needed to meet your organisation’s leadership challenges. You will explore both ‘macro’ and 'micro' issues – from organisational structures, incentives and informal networks to managing performance and using feedback to enhance personal professional growth.

Who should attend
This Emotional Intelligence and Personal Influence five days course is useful for anyone who leads or works with other people, no matter what size the organisation. It is applicable for teamwork, customer service, and building relationships. This is an important course for anybody who wants to develop a better understanding of themselves and others to enhance personal and professional relationships.

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Training objectives
By the end of this training course, participants will:
  • Develop an awareness of EI models
  • Recognise the benefits of EI
  • Expand your knowledge of emotional patterns in yourself and others
  • Understand how you use emotion to facilitate thought and behaviour
  • Know and utilise the difference between reaction and considered response
  • Discover how you can manage your emotions, and positively influence yourself and others
  • Build more effective relationships with people at work and at home
  • Positively influence and motivate colleagues, team members, managers
  • Increase your leadership effectiveness by creating an atmosphere that engages others
  • EI behaviours and supports high performance
  • Increase satisfaction and fulfilment at work
  • Appreciate what drives your behaviour, how behaviour impacts on others and increase personal effectiveness
  • Identify effective behaviour to achieve successful positive interactions at all levels across the organisation
  • Understand how personality profiles can be adapted to succeed in many different situations
  • Have explored personal and corporate values and how this impacts on strategic communication
  • Identify how organisational structure and politics impact on communication and acquire techniques for managing these effectively
Course Outline
​Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Emotional Intelligence and various EI models
  • The EQ competencies of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and interpersonal skills
  • Understand EQ and its importance in life and the workplace

Know your emotions
  • What are emotions?
  • The different levels of emotional awareness
  • Increase your emotional knowledge of yourself
  • Recognise ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ emotions

Manage your emotions
  • The relationship between emotions, thought and behaviour
  • Discover the importance of values
  • The impact of not managing and processing ‘negative’ emotions
  • Techniques to manage your emotions in challenging situations

Recognise emotions in others
  • The universality of emotional expression
  • Learn tools to enhance your ability to recognise and appropriately respond to others' emotions
  • Perceiving emotions accurately in others to build empathy

Relate to others
  • Applying EI in the workplace
  • The role of empathy and trust in relationships
  • Increase your ability to create effective working relationships with others (peers, subordinates, managers, clients
  • Find out how to deal with conflict
  • Tools to lead, motivate others and create a high performing team

Introduction to Personal Power and Influence
  • Increasing your self-awareness of the key factors which impact on the communication process, specifically those within Yourselves/Stakeholders/Organisational
  • Your personal Brand
  • Enable greater understanding of behavioural drivers in self and others and gain greater control of both
  • Assessing your personal values, building a profile and defining what’s important
  • Consider the impact of our mental states and their impact upon verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Plot the thinking errors which are made when under pressure and how we can overcome them

Projecting Your Personal Brand
  • What are the key elements which contribute to developing personal brand?
  • How to market you successfully – the impact factor
  • Strategically aligning your brand to the organisation
  • Developing the elevator pitch - just for you

Understanding Others
  • Acquiring a deeper understanding of others through active listening techniques
  • A questioning approach that will raise credibility to a new level
  • Establishing an emotional connection
  • Identifying what drives your stakeholders and developing key alignments
  • Mapping stakeholders & developing an influencing strategy

Using Behavioural Analysis for Greater Awareness
  • Different verbal behaviours we can use for effective processing of information
  • The skilled communicator profile and the essential behaviour for success
  • Representational style

Making your Connection with the Organisation
  • Understanding the purpose of your organisations values/principles and the impact that this should have on organisational culture
  • Matching your values to the organisations
  • Assessing how those values can be effectively demonstrated and the impact upon your influencing approach
  • Review influence/concern vs. negotiable/non-negotiable table to support the changes to be made

Efficient Political Skills
  • Developing political awareness (formal & informal) and looking at how to maximise personal impact
  • What specific action can be taken to invest in important political relationships?
  • Understand the key element that develops trust in others
  • Plan which additional interpersonal relationships need to be developed to increase the opportunities to influence strategically

Influencing with Impact
  • Understand the five key components to influencing and their sequential order
  • Plan what could be done to influence a specific person before meeting them
  • Techniques for developing professionalism when being assertive
  • How to develop personal credibility when managing interpersonal conflict
  • Completing a personal influencing styles profile and consider what’s it like to be on the receiving end of your style

Utilising Strategic Negotiation Skills
  • Understand the 6 vital steps in strategic negotiation
  • Planning your negotiation remit, its limits and desired outcomes
  • How to develop concessions that add value but don’t cost
  • Develop and understand negotiation strategy with counter maneuvers and tactics that deliver results   
​To enhance learning effectiveness, hand on experience will be emphasised in this programme through role-plays in class presentation, group facilitation and class critique.
Case studies, group discussions and video support will also be used to enhance learning experience. Fun quizzes will be injected to provide formative assessment and a fun learning environment.
Classes, books and training materials.
Entry level test.
Free Internet access.
International certificate upon completion of the course.
Coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily.

*Fees do not include charges for travel and accommodation costs
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    Learn, improve and share new skills with best instructors
    Make your professional network wider, meeting new people of your area
    Choose best venue with big variety of locations of courses
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Training Location
Tours, France
Emotional Intelligence and Personal Influence

27 November - 01 Diciembre, 2017

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