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Anton Gakhov
TECHNO-TRAINING is an independent Provider of Innovative Capability Development solutions focused on technical expertise and skills transfer within petroleum and power generating industries.

Our training and development solutions are based on solid technical experience, cultural diversity and training talent of our instructors and consultants. All of them are highly-qualified professionals with big international experience received in projects around the world.

Managing Director
"Quality of our services is our top priority. By selecting us today as your long-term partner in training and development you receive access to world-class training solutions and community of experts"
Manpower Services
Training can be delivered at our Client's location and content can be adapted to Client's requirements. In order to guarantee you best quality and cost efficiency each programme can be delivered through combination of various training methods such as Classroom, Simulation exercises, practice in the workshop or On-the-Job training. ​
We have established a vast network of  highly-qualified experts from different disciplines across the industry that can help your business with a qualified advice. 
We provide  Manpower services (Recruitment and outstaffing) to IOCs, NOCs and JVs.
For all our services we can guarantee  high standards of services, effective time management and cost control!
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Our Mission and Values

Lack of competency contributes to poor performance, lack of quality in the provision of poor services to both internal and external customers clients and as well as accidents. These conditions result in loss of reputation and subsequently to loss of financial viability.

Deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants' on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organization.
Values and principles
  • Deliver WOW results
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Create fun
  • Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Build open and honest relationships with others
  • Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Do more with less
  • Be passionate and self-determined
Meet The Team
  1. Anton Gakhov - Managing Director
    Anton Gakhov
    Learning and Development professional with over 14 years of direct experience in oil and gas mega-projects and joint ventures in Europe, MENA, CIS and South America with companies like BP, Statoil, Lukoil, ENOC etc. Anton is in charge for general management of the company.
  2. Khaled Reda - Academic Director
    Khaled Reda
    More than 27 years of Oil and Gas experience with Shell, GE Oil and Gas and Schlumberger in countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, MENA region and Africa. Professional Field Engineer, Khaled later moved to HR and Training he is supporting our academic design and consulting projects.
  3. Antonio Ramos - Marketing Director
    Antonio Ramos
    Marketing and communications executive with success in strategic planning, development and implementation of business and marketing plans through implementation of various projects in CIS and SEA countries. Antonio is responsible for marketing and communications.
  4. Peter Hewes - Safety and Operational Risk Advisor
    Peter Hewes
    With over 44 years of experience in Safety as Consultant, Supervisor and HSE Manager in Europe, MENA, SEA and CIS countries, Peter was responsible for developing, implementing, and promoting loss prevention strategies in companies like BP, British Coal, ENOC etc. Peter is in charge for our HSE projects.
  5. Alex Loleyt - Corporate and Business Development Director
    Alex Loleyt
    Tech and Energy sectors professional with focus on Strategic planning, Business development and M&A with experience in BCG, Statoil, Lukoil, Rosneft, etc. With his extensive network of tech innovators and investors around the globe Alex is supporting our future projects.
  6. Elena Gakhova - HR Generalist
    Elena Gakhova
    Enthusiastic HR professional experienced in design and delivery of big variety of HR systems and processes, provision of internal employee development, team effectiveness, HR and leadership development. Elena is now responsible for our HR and manpower projects.
  7. Valentina Efendieva - Business Development
    Valentina Efendieva
    Entrepreneurial and aspiring marketing professional with diverse experience in private and public sectors. Valentina is helping us to build creative PR, social media and original content programs that really connect with a target audience.
  8. Barnie Otabaeva - Capability Consultant (Caspian Region)
    Barnie Otabaeva
    As a Capability Consultant Barnie is responsible for Russia and Caspian Region countries where she helps our customers to find the best solution to improve efficiency of their business.
  9. Karol Alarcon - Capability Consultant (Spain and S. America)
    Karol Alarcon
    Telecommunications Engineer with a degree in Sales and Marketing. Karol is in charge for a vast region in South America and Spain as a Capability Consultant.
  10. Zenahid Pinto - Capability Consultant (Spain and MENA)
    Zenahid Pinto
    Geophysics Engineer with a degree in Finance Zenahid is supporting our clients and partners in Spain and MENA regions as a Capability Consultant.

What makes us different




Full range of training services you may need for your personnel that can be provided at most remote locations.  
We’ve established TECNNO-TRAINING after years of work in Learning and Development function in different Oil and Gas operators at some of the greatest projects around the world.
You will receive only what you really need and when you really need it.​​




Action learning is an approach to solving real problems that involves taking action and reflecting upon the results, which helps improve the problem-solving process, as well as the solutions developed by the team.
All our programs can be tailored to meet your business’s particular objectives, and deliver exceptional results on your specific. 
Experienced instructors are the essential thing for training.



Continuous quality control with Kirkpatrick's Four-Level Training Evaluation Model.​
You will always receive your reports in time and in good shape, all reports can be customized to our Client’s needs. ​
One the Job training and competency assessment for oil and gas
Practical training solutions for Oil and Gas

Quality Policy

Field trips for oil and gas

Quality of our services - is our top priority

By selecting today TECHNO-TRAINING as your long-term partner in training and development you receive access to very efficient, high-class training solutions and best practice from around the world!
Our international team is happy to support you and your business starting from today!
If you want to receive a soft copy of our 2017 catalogue, please send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
Full Name
Recent trends in professional training for Energy sector

Technical and core business skills

Training courses for Oil and Gas professionals
According to the innovative education system for engineers  CDIO Initiative (Conceive — Design — Implement — Operate) key elements of training and development of a modern engineer for oil and gas or power generating sector are not only technical knowledge and professional skills but also interpersonal and communication skills.
That is the reason why we offer technical and HSE training as well as a wide range of soft skills training programmes to help people to improve their interpersonal and management skills.  
One the job training for Oil and gas

Principles of adult learning

Modern approach to training for oil and gas and power generating sectors is based on the practical orientation of the training process and the system of problem-based learning. 
The experience of recent decades has shown that active forms of learning, such as business games, case studies, trainings, etc. significantly more effective than the traditional form of lectures and seminars. Our training programmes are based on the continuous involvement of all participants in the learning process and the use of only useful information that will help delegates to gain the skills applicable in the workplace.